Ride List

Due to the spread of members across Greater Manchester and beyond, there is no fixed weekly club ride that leaves at a specific time or place currently. 

Instead, club members can put up rides on the rides list at any time, which are often led from Didsbury/Stockport. Any member can add a ride to the list – all you need is a route and a meeting place. See How To Add An Event.

Don’t see any rides?

Don’t see any rides and wondering how you can get involved?

During the Winter we often have a weekly Wattbikes session at the velodrome, which is an organized group training session with a coach. This means that members who aren’t at the same level of fitness can still ride alongside each other and get a good workout.

We also use Discord to chat and organize rides and meet-ups and occassionally people forget to put them on the calendar. So please feel free to join our Discord group to find out more about what we are doing!

If there are no rides listed, you can also add and lead one yourself! We are a member led club and we rely on members volunteering to lead rides and help out at our events to keep thing active.

Can Non-Members Join Rides?

Non-members are very welcome to try a few rides before deciding whether to join the club, but before attending your first club ride please do read the Ride Guidelines. If you are joining the rides more regularly then at that point you would be expected to become a member.