How To Add Events

To add a ride go directly to the Rides Calendar

To add a Race go to the Race Calendar.

Alternatively, you can download the Teamup Calendar app and add events from your phone.

Setting up the app

On starting the app you will be asked to enter a calendar key. This is the 18 character string in the calendar url begining with ‘ks’.

Rides Calendar Key: kswr94znasbr5ice2t

Race Calendar Key: ks547063a380691a44

To add a second calendar click on the menu (top left) and then the square ‘add calendar’ icon next to the currently active calendar and repeat the process above.

Adding a Ride

Any club member can add a ride. To do so using your browser, use the green ‘add event’ button at the top of the list. If using the app the use the green ‘+’ symbol (bottom right).

Fill in the title and start time and then choose the ride type from the list of calendars:

  • Experienced – Must be confident riding at speed in a group. If you get dropped the group may not wait so make sure you know the route and be prepared to make your own way back.
  • Intermediate – Must be confident riding in a group at around 16-18mph on the flat.
  • Novice – Some experience of riding on the road required. Pace roughly 14-16mph but may be adjusted to suit the abilities of the group.

Who: Fancy attending a ride? Add your name here. If you are the ride leader add an ‘*’ next to your name.

Where: Meeting point (e.g Coffee Fix, Gatley).

Description: Brief ride description and a link to the route if applicable.

Adding a Race

Fill in the title and start time and then choose the race type from the list of calendars:

  • CX/MTB
  • Hill Climbs
  • Other – Sportives, Audaxes (audaxuk), Zwift races (why not!?).
  • Road Race/Crit – See British Cycling for events.
  • Time Trial – To find and enter Open events see CTT.
  • Track
  • Wheelers Events – Events we are organizing.

Who: Add your name here if you are interested in entering.

Where: For time trials give the course code if known (e.g J2/1, J2/9), or else location of course (e.g Tameside circuit, Oakenclough)

Description: Add any relevant details.


If you would like to get email notifications about new events, or subscribe to a calendar feed. Just click on the menu at the top right of the calendar and go to ‘Notifications’.