The Club Kit Portal is Now Open – Order By 19th Apr!

Hi Wheelers,

Firstly, a big welcome to any new members that have joined for this season. Your membership packs will be sent out soon.

Secondly and very importantly, I hope that you’re all keeping well and healthy. We are a club and as such, each and everyone of us is part of a big family, (whether part of that family has a better CdA or not…. 😉 ) everyone is of equal concern at the moment and I would like to wish everyone all the best in getting through this odd time.

Finally, Colin at Shutt VR has opened up a new portal for our lovely club kit so that when we’re allowed back out to ride and race together we can all look our best. It’s similar kit to what was on there before, which has had a great reception, but with some new additions including an awesome and well priced Gabba jacket, a lightweight long sleeve jersey and some t-shirts that Shutt have made themselves (separate design to the membership ones). We’ll close this portal on Sunday 19th April to give everyone a couple of weeks to order. As with all small companies, Shutt could do with a nice hug at the moment so if you fancy a bit of new kit, get in on this order. As a club member we also get discount on general Shutt kit (details through the link below) so if you want a variety then go right ahead, we use this company because they genuinely work hard for us and their kit speaks for itself.


Many Thanks and all the best,

Holly Carter (Pres)