Voting is Open!

On top of the usual trophy presentations, there are going to be a few extra special awards up for grabs at this years awards dinner.

Whilst it is great to celebrate our racing achievements, there are so many more accomplishments in the club worth celebrating, from the members who consistently support our events, to bouncing back from a gnarly injury, to cultivating a beard that would make the almighty Zeus blub with jealousy!

Over the next few days the awards will be posted on the Facebook group where you can cast your vote, or if you prefer you can send an email to

So what are the awards then? I’ll tell you….

Best Domestique – Put in the most to support the club’s events as a whole in the last year.

Mark Beaumont Award – Self explanatory, rider who’s done the most ridiculously ambitious thing this year.

Mario Cipollini Award – Goes without saying, most fashionable rider.

Matt Hayman Award – Most Productive use of cycling indoors.

Robert Forsterman Award – Biggest beefcake.

Simon Geshke Award – Best beard.

Cartier-Bresson Award – Great club photography.

Valverde Award – Most unstoppable ‘older’ member of the Club.

Matt Hoffman Award – Best injury/operation of the year.

Bouhanni Award – Best ‘on bike’ temper.

LeMond and Hinault Award – Best cycling rivalry.

Katie Archibald Award – Most unstoppable track rider.

Get voting!