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January 13, 2021, 10:32:37 AM
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RE: Iím Looking For 8-10 Riders Interested In Improving Their Performance Through Strength Training

I hope all is well and youíre all managing to keep sane in what feels like Lockdown 27.0?

I have recently (finally!) developed an online strength training resource for cyclists (, one of the primary features of which is access to completely customised strength training programmes.

To ensure the online programmes are as effective as possible for members, Iím constantly refining certain techniques and applying different methods of increasing force generation (and therefore rider performance), and I am looking for a new batch of 8-10 willing riders to test them out on!

To be absolutely clear, these riders will not be Ďcrash test dummiesí!  Instead, as a direct result of this training, all riders will improve their:

- Peak power
- Anaerobic capacity
- Lactate threshold & power output at OBLA
- Economy & pedalling efficiency
- 40 minute TT time
- Max Aerobic Power

The above statement is seemingly bold, but itís one I can make with absolute certainty, based on my own experience with both amateur and pro riders, plus the overwhelming amount of scientific literature that supports it.

Whatís Involved?
Riders will be coached through a programme that is completely built around their own current ability, injury history and training phase / objective(s), delivered via a combination of remote programming support and 1-2 fully coached strength training sessions per week. 

Where Will The Coached Sessions Take Place?
Once lockdown is lifted (whenever that is!), the sessions will take place in my private strength & conditioning facility, The Barbell Club in Hazel Grove.  It is a Covid Secure facility and only the coach and those participating in the sessions (maximum of 2) will be allowed on-site at any one time, enabling social distancing measures to be very easily upheld.

The Barbell Club is a fully equipped, sports performance facility (including 2 Wattbikes!).

Is There A Cost?
Yes, but as the riders will essentially be contributing to the development of my online product, I would only charge £17.50 per session (each) for a 2:1 session or £30 for 1:1.  I usually charge £45 per session (+ programming) for 1:1 and £30 each for 2:1.

This represents an amazing opportunity for riders to access professional coaching at a significantly reduced cost.

What Is Your Experience / Qualifications?
Iím an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCC) with the UK Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA).  Not to be confused with Personal Trainers, there are only a few hundred ASCCs and they are typically embedded within professional sports teams and organisations (such as British Cycling, England Rugby, UK Athletics, Manchester City etc).

I currently work with Andy Tennant (multiple European & World Track Champion).  Within the space of 3 months, he is stronger than heís ever been and his numbers are also reflecting this (even this early in the season).

Iím Keen.  Whatís Next?
Get in touch with me at or 07305784773 and we will set up an initial call.

The gym is shut for the time being due to lockdown.  In the meantime, each rider will be provided with a bespoke mobility and home training programme that will provide foundational strength and movement quality ahead of the gym work.

Please donít hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.

Kind Regards


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