Club Championships Update

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Dan Robinson

May 17, 2019, 03:59:06 PM
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For those competing in the Club Championships this year the following Open events are being used as the counting events:

22/06/2019 - East Lancs RC Open 25 (J2/9)
20/07/2019 - Congleton CC Open 50 (J4/9)

As usual, unlike the Club 10s these events need to be entered around 10 days in advance via CTT. Points will be awarded towards the Club Championships for these events just like the Club 10s.

In case you missed it the Club Champs started last week with Stockport Clarion marshalling. It's our first event for marshalling this coming Monday. We have enough people but if you can marshall any future events let us know.

Full details of the events here: