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Nick Green

September 17, 2018, 12:19:52 PM
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Hi All

Received this message from member Alan Bisseker, who's offering some free strength and condition sessions for club members. Alan was also part of the original team that set up our Manchester Wheelers Aces juniors section.

Nick Green
General Secretary

I wanted to get back in touch regarding running some free strength & conditioning (S&C) sessions for the Wheelers, with a view to providing ongoing and free advice regarding strength training for cycling to all members.

Regarding my credentials, I am a UK Strength & Conditioning Association Member with nearly 10 years experience in S&C (predominantly endurance sports), having worked with some of the best coaches in Europe.  I am also a Level 2 Road & Time Trial and Track Cycling Coach.

As a qualified strength coach and at the tender age of 33, I established my strength coaching business - imaginatively named STRONG ( and focussing on sports performance.  Currently based out of RX Gym in West Didsbury.

Cycling is a passion of mine and to be honest I just love the science behind creating better, stronger athletes & riders.

Anyway, to cut to the chase:
I would like to offer all Wheelers members a FREE Trial session with me at RX Gym, The Boulevard, West Didsbury
The sessions can be run on a 1:1 basis or in pairs
The sessions will be 1 hour long and will:
Assess weaknesses in force development and mobility that are prevalent amongst riders
Be discipline specific
Introduce riders to the concept of incorporating strength training within their year round training plan (i.e. what to focus on and when)
Include a warm up and example session for the riders to take away.

If some of the above trials progress into paid plans / coaching, great.  If not, then at least the members will understand a lot more about strength training for cycling (and be much better riders for it).

I have also attached a few notes on the importance of strength training.

If possible, would you mind posting the above on your forum / circulating amongst members?

Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.

Kind Regards


Head Coach